'OneTEST'  is
Accurate, Fast, Simple

How Accurate is 'OneTEST' ?

Based on the historic performance of 'OneTEST', we expect that 4 out of 5 cancers will be detected in its earliest stages with 'OneTEST', depending on the type of cancer.

Can anyone get Tested ?  YES

Numerous studies have found that yearly testing can detect subtle changes in cancer marker scores that may be useful to find an early developing cancer.

How often should I get tested ?

'OneTEST' is an elective test and anyone can get tested.  'OneTEST' is the only blood test available to detect risk, for multiple cancers.  Based on published U.S. cancer incidence data, cancer is more frequently diagnosed in persons above age 50.

How does 'OneTEST' work ?
'OneTEST' uses a convenient blood specimen, just like the ones used for common blood tests your doctor already orders for you.  The test is sent to 'OneTEST's lab where an entire 'tumor marker panel' is tested on a state of the art, FDA approved instrument.  Advanced machine learning algorithms using "A.I. Machine Learning" improve accuracy by comparing your results to the patterns from over 28,000 thousands persons screened over a 12 year period and factor in your own individual health information, such as age and gender to give the most accurate cancer risk assessment possible.